Just home from a brilliant busy day, a really great photoshoot. I can’t go into much detail yet, not until after the launch next week, but suffice to say it was a first….

There was a fabulous crew on board, everyone was so lovely and supportive. Usually I don’t feel particularly nervous ahead of photo shoots, I’ve been modelling for over 14 years, but this time it was different. It is a first and as I was getting ready in hair and make up, the potential of this shoot really struck me ; another small step towards inclusion and representation. I hope the images challenge a few misconceptions about disability; it’s been a long time coming.

More to come next week…. Sx


About Shannon Murray

I am an actress, broadcaster, writer and lawyer; not really that unusual but I am also paraplegic as a result of an accident as a teenager. This is the place where I ramble on about random stuff.
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One Response to Photoshoot

  1. Yay Shannon, what WONDERFUL news! You are fantastic! I’m a Little Person so I deeply respect and admire your getting “out there” with all your strength and fire. It took me years to feel comfortable in the world — only to eventually understand that I was just like most people on the inside, just a little different on the outside. In fact, my differences have been such a gift in helping me understand what I’m truly made of. I have a memoir coming out on March 15th, called Nothing Short of Joy. Will you take a look at my website when you have a chance? You are an inspiration!
    Keep shining 🙂 Julie


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