Facebook: Fake Profile

Rather randomly it was brought to my attention this week that a few different people were pretending to be me on Facebook. I only use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family so I only accept friend requests from people I actually know in real life; therefore if we haven’t met and we’re friends on Facebook then I’m afraid it’s not genuinely me.

This feels like one of the oddest posts I’ve ever had to write, I can’t quite believe that someone wants to either pretend to be me in order to befriend others or is using their own name but fraudulently stating that photos of me are them. In this instance imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery!

What is most concerning is that the man pretending to be “Shannon Murray” is befriending lots of other female wheelchair users under the guise of being me.  I suspect that this person is a devotee* and is using Facebook to make contact with disabled women to satisfy his own fascination with disability; each woman he befriends would essentially facilitate the creation of his own personal photo album of disabled women.

I don’t have a problem with devotees per se, people are attracted to others for a variety of reasons and I’m non judgmental of personal sexual preferences or desires; I do however have a problem with someone hiding behind my identity, pretending to be someone they’re not and deceiving women and young girls. Please be careful to whom you send friend requests and from whom you accept them, people can use photographs from all over the internet to create fake profiles and make contact.

The Facebook profile has now been taken down, please let me know if you suspect any other fraudulent users and I shall endeavour to have them removed from Facebook too.



About Shannon Murray

I am an actress, broadcaster, writer and lawyer; not really that unusual but I am also paraplegic as a result of an accident as a teenager. This is the place where I ramble on about random stuff.
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