Pioneers: BBC Radio Scotland

Thank you to everyone who tuned into No Triumph, No Tragedy on BBC Radio 4 last week and a sincerely heartfelt thanks to everyone who got in touch with me via Twitter & email, the feedback has been incredibly warm and supportive.

For those of you still interested enough to hear more of me (!!) there is another interview being broadcast this week on BBC Radio Scotland; it’s part of a series called ‘Pioneers’ and I was really flattered to be asked to contribute, especially as I feel like there is still so much more I would like to achieve. The presenter, Clare English, was a real joy to work with, and to be honest it felt more like a chat with a good friend than an interview!

It goes out this Thursday 8 September at 14.05 but you can always listen later via the iPlayer.

(Big thanks to Clare & Phil for making it such fun)


About Shannon Murray

I am an actress, broadcaster, writer and lawyer; not really that unusual but I am also paraplegic as a result of an accident as a teenager. This is the place where I ramble on about random stuff.
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2 Responses to Pioneers: BBC Radio Scotland

  1. Pierre M says:

    Kudos. Both interviews provided a very interesting and revealing insight into your world and everything you stand for and believe in. What an extraordinary life you have led- and you continue to do so. A shining example of how someone can literally triumph over tragedy. I particularly like the way you look out for others in your situation. Your heart is as big as your smile. As an able-bodied person -I think your great but if I had a disability (especially if I was really young or newly injured), l feel I would almost depend on you to succeed so that you could give me hope and inspiration to make it on my own. I would take great comfort from that. Pioneer is such an appropriate word and I hope if not already, in time you will be recognised as just that.

    It would be really good if you could continue doing more of these and I hope you can get back on TV too (or in front of any camera) because whilst you have a rather lovely posh accent and speak in the most eloquent manner, I’m sorry Shannon but you just don’t have the face (nor the body) for radio #waytoophotogenic# 🙂


  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment Pierre. Generous & complimentary as always!


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