Big Bra Hunt


I’ve a confession to make, I buy way too many bras.

Some women have an insatiable passion for buying shoes but for me it’s lingerie.

Possibly because as good as a shoe might look on my foot, I’m never going to strut down the street with a little sexy wiggle, so whilst I can appreciate a gorgeous stiletto I can often resist the urge to splash the cash; though to be honest I do still have lots of shoes, I just don’t have to spend additional money on getting them re heeled!

Anyway, I think my love of lingerie is also attributed that part of me that likes to rebel against the stereotypes of disability and knowing that underneath my fairly innocuous clothes I might be wearing some gorgeous and clashing bright colours in silk and lace.

I have literally dozens of bras in boxes in my attic, I have bought so many that I’ve never worn, saving them for a special date. As I got older I realised that saving clothes for ‘best’ is stupid, wear them and feel special on any given day; problem is when I realised this I had put on about a stone in one year, and none of my pretty and delicate B cup bras fit me anymore. I went off and was measured in M&S, bought a bunch of new bras but found that once I wore them for a day or 2 they were really uncomfortable and quite painful, so they too were consigned to join the other boxes in the attic. (Tip for wheelchair users: always push your chair about the changing room to get a real feel for the bra, nothing worse than later realising your gorgeous new bra has wires that dig right up into your armpit as you push).

I have since been remeasured by the brilliant women at Bravissimo and know which size to buy in which style, and still love purchasing the brightest, prettiest and sexiest bras I can find – as well as the all essential, comfortable nude t shirt bras. Finding a simple basic and really comfortable bra can be nigh on impossible! A good friend of mine has her own company designing swimwear for larger bosomed women, she so adored her favourite everyday bra that when it eventually fell apart, she examined all the components to try and understand what made it so special, (sadly it has been discontinued). So many women wear the wrong size bra, resulting in double boob, squidgy back fat, painful wire marks and this can all be easily avoided by wearing the correct size; most women seem to wear bras that are too large across the back and too small in the cup, through my own experiences of trial and error I think I’ve developed a skill in guessing other women’s correct bra size!

So what exactly  is the point of this blog post other than to talk about breasts?

To tell you about the Oxfam Bra Hunt in the hope that you’ll donate generously without it costing you a penny! I currently have about 30 bras stashed in a box, most unworn in sizes ranging from 34a to 36e (I’m neither size now, happily somewhere in between) and finally I have somewhere I can donate them to and feel a little pleased that they won’t only be consigned to textiles crushing machines but will actually be sold, bough and worn by other women in Senegal thanks to Oxfam’s social enterprise, Frip Ethique.

Please take a little time out to rifle through your drawers and pop down to your local Oxfam with the bras that no longer fit, the ones that never did and the ones you just don’t like anymore.

If altruism isn’t incentive enough then think about the new ones you could buy to fill the empty space in your drawers!

Below is a photo of the box of bras I sent off to Oxfam: Au Revoir Bras!

All these bras and more have all gone to join the Oxfam Big Bra Hunt.

About Shannon Murray

I am an actress, broadcaster, writer and lawyer; not really that unusual but I am also paraplegic as a result of an accident as a teenager. This is the place where I ramble on about random stuff.
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