Last Wednesday (29.08.12) I was a guest on Newsnight on BBC2 along with Francesca Martinez, Ann Wild and Mark Littlewood discussing the Paralympics and their potential to change the perception of disabiity in society, and also the impact of welfare reforms … Continue reading

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BBC Ouch! Podcast

If you’ve got some spare time and you’re so inclined take a listen to the current BBC Ouch! podcast: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/ouch/2011/09/ouch_talk_show_76_what_to_watc.html I spend far too much time laughing as soon as I’m in the studio with them, time flies and we … Continue reading

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No Triumph, No Tragedy: BBC Radio 4

Hello Just a quick post to let you know that you can catch me chatting to Peter White in “No Triumph, No Tragedy” on BBC Radio 4 on Monday 29 August at 9am. As it’s a Bank Holiday in the … Continue reading

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Facebook: Fake Profile

Rather randomly it was brought to my attention this week that a few different people were pretending to be me on Facebook. I only use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family so I only accept friend requests from … Continue reading

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One Tweet to 10 Downing Street

To those of you still in any doubt about the power of social media (though if you’re reading a blog that’s not likely) I’d like to share a little tale with you. Late last year I read a tweet from … Continue reading

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First day at blog school…

Well I’ve finally set up a blog….now I need to decide what its purpose should be. Random rants? Philosophical fumblings? Opinionated outbursts? Perhaps a little less alliteration… I’m a young woman living London, a wheelchair user since a diving accident … Continue reading

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